Weekend Roundup: Bernie proposes a bill to ban fracking, releases his Disability Rights Plan, and picks up a powerful endorsement.

AOC and Bernie Sanders

It’s a YUGE news day for #Bernie2020!

First up, Pennsylvania news! Bernie picks up a powerful endorsement yesterday from Sara Innamorato and beats Biden in a new Pennsylvania poll.

Yesterday Bernie proposed a bill to ban fracking.

John Delaney, whose 2020 Primary campaign was the longest of any Democratic candidate, dropped out today.

Bernie released his Disability Rights Plan today to resounding approval from activists advocating Justice for People with Disabilities.

Today is the January FEC Deadline for donations! Two Bernie Staffers have promised to dye their hair pink if 900,000 people donate before Iowa Caucus Day.

A coalition of 10 amazing progressive organizations have united with the goal of mobilizing a game changing 1.4M additional youth voters for Bernie. Be sure to follow these accounts and amplify their tag #PeoplePowerForBernie!


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