Variety Show Fundraiser!!

Friday’s variety show fundraiser at the Field House was a success! Lots of folks came through to donate, buy raffles and crafts, listen to speeches, music and spoken word, watch dancers and sign petitions.

Reclaim speaks at Philly for Bernie Variety Show

Sergio Cea from Reclaim Philadelphia spoke at the Philly for Bernie Variety Show Fundraiser. He spoke about the good work Reclaim is doing and their endorsmeent of Bernie Sanders. They are organizing many events around the primary for Bernie and other progressive candidates. Check it out!Philly for Bernie 2020#feelthebern #bernie2020 #notmeus

Posted by Philly for Bernie 2020 on Monday, February 3, 2020

2 Replies to “Variety Show Fundraiser!!”

  1. I want to assist at the Philly for Bernie office. I’m a retired educator who’s really good at organizing. I’ve been for Bernie since 2016 and before. Please let me know where the office is in Philadelphia Northeast Philadelphia if there is one!!!

    1. Thanks for the reply, Sharon. There is certainly a group working out of Northeast Philly. Check out the ‘Join Us’ page and email us at that address so we can get you in touch with the folks over there! Also feel free to stop by any of the events on the calendar. Looking forward to having you on board 🙂

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