The Bernie Block Captain Program


A coordinated effort to make sure that our Philly 4 Bernie volunteers (aka all of us) are canvassing the people who are literally closest to us.


Only for homeowners or those who live in single-family homes – we want as many renters and apartment/condo dwellers to participate as possible! We’ll have special stickers for Bernie Building Captains to put on their apartment/condo doors. 

It is not in any way associated with the City of Philadelphia’s block captain program, though we do appreciate the name-inspiration.


First, sign up to be a Bernie Block Captain using this Google form.  We will then reach out to you via email to verify your home address.

Once verified, we will mail you a Bernie Block Captain sticker to put on your Bernie window or lawn sign so that your neighbors know that you are a trusted resource if they want to learn more about Bernie! 

We’ll email you a few times a month leading up to Pennsylvania’s primary election at the end of April. Assuming Bernie wins the nomination, we’ll then keep emailing you throughout the summer reminding you to canvass your block and checking on how you’re making progress.  Then starting in September we’ll ramp things up and start checking in once a week.  

We’ll be your resource for any Bernie literature your neighbors ask you for and will help answer any questions that you aren’t sure about or just don’t feel comfortable asking.  

If you want to hold a house party for your block, we’ll even send someone to speak!