Sanders slams Trump pardons as part of ‘broken and racist criminal justice system’

Criminal Justice

Bernie denounced Trump’s pardons for Rod Blagojevich, Bernie Kerik, Michael Milken, and Edward DeBartolo, Jr., as evidence of “a broken and racist criminal justice system”.

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Bernie fights Trump’s budget proposals to cut Social Security and healthcare calling the plan “deeply immoral”

Bernie took the fight for Social Security and healthcare back to the Senate yesterday and made the case for holding hearings on Trump’s budget proposals which would massively cut the programs. Budget Committee Chairperson Mike Enzi is blocking the hearings which he worries will make Trump look bad.

“Look, Trump is a fraud, his budget is a fraud,” Sanders continued. “He promised the American people among many other things he would cut Medicaid, he wouldn’t cut Medicare, he wouldn’t cut Social Security. Of course, in the budget, there are massive cuts to those programs as well as environmental programs and you name it,” said Sanders.

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