Bernie In The News: Tuesday March 10th.


Feels like ages since Super Tuesday, and in that time you have not wavered, but continue working your hardest to get Bernie to the White House. We are so appreciative of all you’ve done to help us win Primary Day in ID, MI, MS, MO, ND, OH!

Here’s what’s in the news today!

Hiding Behind False and Misleading Claims, Biden Refuses to Commit to Signing Medicare for All Bill as President

The People Who See Bernie Sanders as Their Only Hope
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Bernie Beats Trump (and Biden) on Trade

While Biden Says ‘Happy to Talk About That Later,’ Sanders Holds Coronavirus Roundtable With Medical Experts

Bernie Sanders says he’d make coronavirus vaccine free, blasts Trump’s outbreak response

“Democratic Socialism Is Fighting for Regular Working-Class People”

It’s propaganda, all right — against Bernie Sanders
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The Original Sandernista

Democrats, You Really Do Not Want To Nominate Joe Biden

Neil Young endorses Bernie Sanders: ‘Every point he makes is what I believe in’

Sanders’ Army of Volunteers Face The Democratic Establishment Ahead Of ‘Big Tuesday’

Working Families Party picks Bernie over Biden after Warren exits race

Nice try, bro. The Bernie Bro stereotype has driven political conversations for nearly four years, without anyone really deciding if it matters.

Bernie once again hit it out of the park at another Fox News Town Hall, this time in Dearborn Michigan.

Town Hall with Bernie Sanders | Part 1

Town Hall with Bernie Sanders | Part 2

Town Hall with Bernie Sanders | Part 3

Krystal and Saagar: Biden’s mask slip hints he’d veto M4A | Rising 

Super Tuesday News Roundup!

super tuesday

Today started off with the campaign releasing a powerful new video across social media in conjunction with the hashtag #WithTheseHands. Check out the video and follow the many messages of love and solidarity over on twitter.

We want to thank everyone for the work they’ve been doing today and up to this point to get Bernie Sanders elected. Whether you’ve been calling, texting, joining us at the Super Tuesday MEGA Street Canvass!, or just telling all of your friends and family that about Bernie – The work that you’re all doing is incredible and it’s all of our hands that have been working to make the changes that we want to see happen.

As we wait for the Super Tuesday results to come in tonight below is some of the best Bernie news from today to keep you occupied.

How the Democratic Establishment Stumbled As Sanders Surged
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Bernie Sanders miles ahead of Democratic field in online attention

The Billionaire Class Is Counting on Super Tuesday to Stop Sanders

Analysis: As the Democratic old guard frets, Bernie Sanders finds a Texas foothold

Strong showing expected for Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday

‘I love Liz, but yeah, I love Bernie’: Sanders and Warren battle for the progressive mantle in her home state

Impact Of Centrist Move To Stop Bernie Sanders Muted In Colorado By All-Mail Election

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders draws thousands at Salt Lake City rally

Jana Riess : Bernie Sanders is poised to carry Utah, where Democrats are an energized minority

Susan Sarandon, musicians campaign for Bernie Sanders in Portland

Bernie Sanders rallies packed house in St. Paul ahead of Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders to bring presidential campaign to Phoenix

Neutral Milk Hotel frontman endorses Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders joins list of Democratic candidates with local offices

Sanders welcomes former candidates’ supporters: ‘Come on in’ | McClatchy

Bernie Sanders frontrunner ahead of Super Tuesday | CBS

Krystal Ball: Establishment wants Bernie vs Biden, bring it on | Rising

Join Philly For Bernie Tonight at Attic Brewing Company for our Super Tuesday Watch Party

Come watch the results roll in at Attic Brewing Company with fellow Berners from all over the city! Starts at 7:30.

Attic has amazing beer, but no food. Deke’s BBQ is next door so you can bring food in OR bring your own snacks.

Let’s join together as Bernie sets himself above the field!


State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler endorses Bernie Sanders for President!

State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler

Another huge endorsement from a Philadelphia progressive!

“Bernie Sanders aligns with me on so many of my values and the things I’m really committed to fighting for,” Fiedler said in an interview … “That resonates with me really deeply and with a lot of the folks that I talk to and represent in South Philly,” she said.”

Read more from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Bernie wins another 11 delegates, breaks fundraising records and is poised for success as we go into Super Tuesday.

Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

Bernie won another 11 delegates yesterday, bringing his total to 56. Although the campaign did not expect to win the state, it was pleased with the results, which still have Bernie leading as we go into Super Tuesday. Once again, this is all thanks to you.

Bernie was interviewed on Face The Nation this morning and discussed Super Tuesday, campaign finance, coronavirus, and AIPAC.

Transcript: Bernie Sanders on “Face the Nation,” March 1, 2020

Bernie is viewed by some as holding the advantage for this week’s contests, with strong polling numbers for delegate-rich California and Texas, where his support from Latinx voters is strong.

Bernie Sanders leads in Texas, a pivotal Super Tuesday primary, NBC/Marist poll says

Bernie Sanders has the advantage on Super Tuesday as rivals jockey to hold down his delegate count

California finally matters — and that could make Bernie Sanders tough to stop after Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders says he thinks he has an ‘excellent chance’ to win some of the larger states

Bernie Sanders Meets His Biggest Threat

The campaign broke fundraising records again in February, raking in a staggering $46 million.

A President Who Doesn’t Need to Beg the Powerful for Money’: Sanders Campaign Raises Record $46 Million in February

Ten thousand Berners turned out for a Bernie rally in Elizabeth Warren’s state of Massachusetts, where he’s expected to make a strong primary showing (the campaign estimate is 13,000).

More than 10K turn out for Bernie Sanders rally in Elizabeth Warren’s backyard

Bernie appeared on ABC This Week and refuted George Snuffleupagus’s accusation that he has a “problem” with Black voters. We have a video of the incident.

ABC This Week | 1-on-1 with Sen. Bernie Sanders

CNN Host Michael Smerconish Rebuked for Comparing Sanders Surge to Spread of Coronavirus


Joe Biden Has a Long History of Giving Republicans What They Want

Bloomberg’s Choice to Speak at AIPAC Shows How Out of Touch He Is

When the Billionaire Family Behind the Opioid Crisis Needed PR Help, They Turned to Mike Bloomberg


With Another Monster Win in South Carolina Primary, ‘Medicare for All Is Four for Four’

Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus

First US Coronavirus Death Near Canada, But Trump Confirms Closing Mexico Border Under Consideration

As Trump Cries ‘Hoax,’ Nurses in California Warn Quarantines of 124 Health Workers Show US Hospitals Remain Unprepared for Coronavirus



Bernie’s historic wins in the first 3 states has him poised to expand his lead on Super Tuesday. The establishment is shaking in its boots.

But we know that no matter what happens, the media will spin this, and the establishment will continue to throw roadblocks in Bernie’s way. Momentum in other states is critical, but visibility on the streets of Philadelphia can only come from our grassroots movement: no one can spread the word like we can.

We’ll meet at City Hall at 4PM this Tuesday, March 3rd, for a huddle and training, and then disperse in teams, set up tabling “hubs” throughout the city: waving signs, talking to voters, signing up volunteers, and showing Philly that support for Bernie is STRONG. Bernie must be Philly’s candidate!

  • 4:00PM — Huddle and training at City Hall
  • 4:30-4:45PM — Split into teams (most people will leave City Hall)
  • 5:00PM — Set up tabling hubs and begin canvassing!

Tabling Hub Locations

  • Meet us here if you can’t make it to City Hall!
  • Broad & Cecil B Moore
  • Broad & Passyunk
  • 30th & Market (30th St. Sta)
  • 18th & Walnut (Rittenhouse)
  • 15th & Market (City Hall)

What to Bring

  • Bernie gear, signs, flags
  • If you’ve got a clipboard, bring it along
  • If you’ve got a light folding/camping table, let us know — it could be helpful!

PA Primary News: Bernie Sanders is ahead of Joe Biden and new polling shows the race against Trump is tight

Bernie At Hahnemann University Hospital

New Polling collected before Sanders’ Nevada win shows Bernie is in the lead in key swing state primaries with results also pointing to a near tie between Trump and all of the Democratic candidates in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

44,000 votes swung Pennsylvania to Trump in 2016, and the race is shaping up to be just as tight in this general election. The new Poll from the University of Wisconsin, has Sanders with the best footing against Trump, leading 47% to 45% — The poll carries a 3% to 4% margin of error. Biden leads Trump 46% to 45%, and every other Democrat is even with Trump in the Keystone State.

Read More From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

This latest victory in Nevada was made possible by the work we do every day. As we continue to march forward to the Pa. Primary remember that your contributions are what will create the momentum needed to bring the political revolution to Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t already, please get busy and get your networks into the BERN app – even if they don’t support Bernie. This will help with everything else the campaign is doing. Identifying people who don’t support Bernie is as valuable as identifying those who do, or are open to it. Here’s a great resource about what to do.

Please consider signing up to be a Bernie Block Captain. Philly For Bernie will hook you up with everything you need. Click here to learn more and get started.



Happy Post-Caucus Sunday: It’s another beautiful day for Bernie news.

Currently, with 60% of the precincts reporting, Bernie is the projected winner of yesterday’s Nevada caucuses. So far, he’s taken 46% of the vote, adding 10 more delegates to his count.

From CBS News: Bernie Sanders wins Nevada caucuses, CBS News projects

Last night, Bernie earned another entry in the political history books, becoming the first presidential candidate of either major party to win the popular vote in the first three election contests.

From Newsweek: Bernie Sanders Becomes First Candidate, Democrat or Republican, to Win Popular Vote in All 3 Three Early Voting States

Make sure to check out his victory speech from Nevada here.

As predicted, the Latinx and youth vote carried Bernie to victory in Nevada. There are a couple of analyses in the Bernie news below.

From USA Today: Sanders wins Nevada and also trounces competitors with Latino and Hispanic caucus-goers

From Reuters: Broad-based support powers Sanders to big win in Nevada Democratic vote

From Jewish Press: Bernie Sanders Takes Nevada, Could Ditch the Pack March 3 Super Tuesday

From NBC News: It’s not just bros: Sanders wins with a diverse coalition

From The Washington Examiner News: Trump congratulates Bernie Sanders on ‘great win’ in Nevada

From Common Dreams: MSNBC in ‘Full-Blown Freakout’ Mode as Bernie Sanders Cements Status as Democratic Frontrunner

From Vox: Mainstream Democrats shouldn’t fear Bernie Sanders


From Common Dreams: Joe Biden Serves Wall Street, Not Main Street


Be sure to watch this video of the young boy who came out at a Buttigieg rally. It’s heartwarming and inspiring. There’s an article about it, too.

From Newsweek: 9-Year-Old Asks Pete Buttigieg For Help Telling ‘The World I’m Gay, Too’

From Propublica: Trump’s New Spy Chief Used to Work for a Foreign Politician the U.S. Accused of Corruption

#RisingQs: Andrew Yang to CNN, Obama & Bloomberg, and more: Andrew Yang to CNN, Obama & Bloomberg, and more

Iowa Caucus Roundup: What we’re reading while we wait for the results.

iowa causus

It’s a big news day after an ‘eventful’ Iowa caucus left us hanging last night! MSNBC reported this morning that Iowa Democrats plan to have results by 5 pm ET today. There’s a LOT of high emotion and misinformation on social media today, but there’s also confident news coming from the Sanders Campaign that their internal results sent by precinct captains around the state indicate that with close to 60% of the vote in, we have a comfortable lead. Bernie has always maintained, when turn out is good, we win, and all signs point to a large turnout yesterday.

There is significant evidence that results will prove to be in our favor. We didn’t get the Iowa Caucus closure we were looking for but while we wait for official results to be released take a look at some of the news that’s caught our eye. In the coming days let’s join together to increase volunteerism and donations as Berners will be going harder than ever with the New Hampshire Primary in sight. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and stay focused.

Sanders Campaign’s Internal Caucus Numbers Show Them Leading Iowa, With Biden a Distant Fourth

Sanders to deliver response to Trump’s State of the Union from New Hampshire

App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been Inadequately Tested

On the Ground in Iowa | Intercepted

Sanders Caucusgoers in Iowa’s Grinnell ‘So Big’ That Biden’s Section Was Moved to Fit Them All In, CNN Reports

Dude, Where’s My Vote?

Bernie Sanders Can Silence His Critics in New Hampshire

Bernie Might Win Iowa — and the Democratic Establishment Is in Freak-Out Mode

Bernie Sanders gets big support from Latino caucusgoers in West Liberty

In A Historic First, Iowa Mosques Participated In Statewide Caucuses

How Bernie’s Iowa Campaign Organized Immigrant Workers at the Factory Gates

Candidates flock to New Hampshire, where stakes have risen after the muddle of Iowa

The team that rigged the GOP primaries accuses Democrats of rigging Iowa against Sanders

In Humboldt Park, Chicago’s Iowans lean toward Sen. Bernie Sanders in national Democratic caucuses

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders leads in WCVB/UMass Amherst New Hampshire Primary poll

Chaos In Iowa: Caucus Results Delayed, But Bernie Sanders’ Internal Data Shows He May Have Won | Democracy Now!

Michael Brooks: The path forward for Bernie Sanders | Rising

Where The Bernie Sanders Campaign Stands Heading Into Iowa