Newsletter 6/8/2020

Dear Friends,

This past week has witnessed unprecedented uprisings across the nation. Philly for Bernie hopes everyone is  doing their best to stay safe in these times. Please take a look at our statement on police violence here

Philly for Bernie is now making the transition into an organization committed to fighting for the progressive goals pioneered by Bernie’s campaign. Our new situation leaves a lot to be decided about the future of our group. We invite everyone to join us in making those decisions at our next citywide meeting. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, join the 16 organizations in Philly in calling on City Council to pass a budget that reflects the true needs of working people in our city, “Revenue for a Just Recovery”. 

The “Revenue for A Just Recovery” Plan: Funding our Communities and City Services

During this time of crisis, the inequities in our nation have become more apparent than ever before. In our own city of Philadelphia, the pandemic has created a public health and fiscal crisis, which has disproportionately affected communities that have been historically underfunded and most impacted by austerity measures. 

The “Revenue for A Just Recovery” Plan is a proposal for progressive revenue options on the city, state, and federal level as well for the federal reserve. The goal of this plan is to shift the financial burden from the shoulders of working-class Philadelphians and small businesses to the people and institutions with the resources to fund Philadelphia communities. Suggested revenue options include fully ending the tax abatement, canceling cuts to the wage tax, closing the “Delaware loophole”, creating a People’s Bailout in Philadelphia, and using the Federal CARES Act to fund services in Black and Brown communities, among many other options. 

Click here to read more about “Revenue for A Just Recovery”.  

Show your support for the “Revenue for A Just Recovery” by giving public testimony during the FY2021 City Budget Hearings!

Last week marked the start of FY2021 City Budget Hearings. All hearings will be held until June 10th via Microsoft Teams. Tuesday, June 9th (3-5pm) is the last date for the public to provide testimony on any part of the revised City budget.  

For information on how to register to provide a public testimony, please call 215-686-3407, or send an email to by 3 p.m. on the day before that Council session and submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Call-back telephone number where you can be reached
  • Identify the bill number or resolution number that will be addressed: 
  • Ordinance #200287 (Ordinance to adopt FY21 budget), and Resolution #200307 (Resolution to accept changes in FY20 and 21 budgets).
  • State whether your comments are for, or against, that particular bill or resolution. 

See the agenda for details

In Solidarity,
Philly for Bernie

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