May Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Philly for Bernie came together this weekend to discuss plans for moving our fight for a progressive Philadelphia forward. We were joined by Councilperson Helen Gym, PA State Congress candidates Rick Krajewski and Nikil Saval, PA Stands Up organizer Johnathan Smucker and March on Harrisburg organizer Michael Pollack. They answered questions on the future of progressive organizing in our city and state and called on members to continue the fight made possible by Bernie’s historic campaigns. Check out highlights from our meeting on our Facebook page.

There’s never been a better time to  fight to make Philly a true beacon for progressive politics. That’s why Philly for Bernie seeks to expand its organizing and networks across the city and state for the June 2 primary and beyond. Our interim steering committee (Ty Brown, Joanne Beer, Su Stout, John Zimmerman, Ron Joseph, Toni Dang, Jackrabbit Pollack) will guide us along until the June 2 primary, after which we’ll begin to discuss plans for a more permanent organizational structure. If you feel ready to take an active part, get in contact about joining our interim steering committee. In the meantime we’ll be holding a vote on formal endorsements as well as conducting GOTV phonebanking for progressive candidates, Bernie and his delegates. 

June 2nd Primary Get Out The Vote Phonebank Opportunities! 

We want to let people know they should still vote for Bernie and his delegates in the PA primary. Doing so will build support for Bernie’s platform and increase our influence at the convention. We also want to offer COVID19 support if needed, encourage people to apply for mail-in-ballots, and inform them about local progressive candidates like Rick Krajewski and Nikil Saval. 

Philly for Bernie will be phonebanking our own contact list from now until the June 2 primary. If you would like to help out, please join the slack ( channel #4-gotv-june2primary. Respond to this email with any questions.

Other organizations listed below are also doing GOTV phonebanking: 

Philly for Bernie Open Voting for Candidate Endorsements

Philly for Bernie’s interim steering committee will be conducting a formal endorsement process for the upcoming June 2 primary. From now through May 9, any candidates interested in receiving a P4B endorsement may submit already completed endorsement questionnaires they submitted to other groups. We’ll then send out an email blast covering all those seeking endorsement, including a list of recommended candidates. Following a 48 hour period of open voting, P4B’s formal endorsements will be announced on social media. Our endorsements will allow candidates’ use of the P4B logo, and P4B members will be encouraged to phonebank and volunteer for their campaigns.

Square Deal Podcast

Check out a great interview with P4B member Brad Wilhelm speaking on Medicare for All for our newest episode, “Silver Lining of the Pandemic?”, on Square Deal from P4B member Su Stout. Square Deal is a new podcast focused on pushing progressive ideas, and a platform for underrepresented voices providing much needed inspiration and maybe a bit of amusement in these trying times. Square Deal is available on Anchor, Spotify and other platforms. We encourage all those interested to pitch ideas or help produce episodes to producer Su Stout at

Peer Support Check-In Zoom Call

Join our Peer Support Check-In Zoom call every Wednesday at 6PM. The P4B family comes together weekly for a virtual, mutual-support call to check in, listen to each other, get on the soapbox, and back each other’s organizing during these challenging times! Reminders are sent out the day of on Facebook and Slack. Register in advance for this meeting here:

Also, we still have Philly for Bernie T-Shirts and Merch. Get ‘em here!

This fight is just beginning, 

In Solidarity, 

Philly for Bernie

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