March Newsletter: It’s Still “Not Me, Us”

Dear Friends, 

Our lives have radically changed this week. While we now all face many uncertainties and while this crisis has changed our strategy and priorities, this campaign isn’t going anywhere. This week, Bernie laid out clearly the kinds of policies and mass state mobilization we need to tackle this pandemic. Check it out here

So, while we’re at home, let’s talk to our friends, family members, neighbors and let them know that in this time of crisis this campaign and movement are continuing to fight to put our health and safety first. Most of all, if you feel isolated, reach out. You can join our weekly check-in call, or get connected to the national campaign with a Volunteer Launch Call, and also check out some more resources below. 

Join a Peer Support Check-in Zoom Call

Every Wednesday at 7 pm 
Join Here
Meeting ID: 232 812 0591
Password: unity

While we’re all keeping physical distance from one another, we do not have to be alone. Philly for Bernie hosts group calls every Wednesday, as a time for people to get anxieties off their chests and provide mutual support. If you’re feeling isolated, join our call.

Join a Volunteer Launch Call

Thursdays at 7 pm 
Join Here

New to the campaign and want to get oriented? Join a weekly volunteer launch call. On these calls you will hear about key opportunities to get involved in the campaign’s digital organizing program in PA. 

Attend a Digital Organizing Party

Weeknights at 6 pm 
Weekends at 12, 3 and 6 pm 
Join Here

Want to start phone banking and talking to friends and family, but need some guidance? Digital organizing parties will get you oriented and trained on how to phonebank and have open, honest, and thorough conversations with our friends, family, and neighbors about the 2020 election, and the issues they care about the most.

Let Us Know How You’re Organizing in Response to COVID 19

In light of the COVID-19 crisis we have seen many from Philly for Bernie coordinate with those from other communities and mutual-aid societies to protect the most vulnerable. We’d love to hear your story. As a part of a video project to inspire and motivate others, we’re requesting a 30 second video on what you’re doing to organize and effect change in this time of need. When you are done send your video to John at

Get Connected with Mutual Aid and Other Resources

We’ve got to support each other at this time. Check out a list of Mutual Aid links as well as information and resources on schools, food, utilities, transportation, health and other volunteer opportunities on our website: “Resources for Philadephia and Beyond” and “Information for Citizens of Philadelphia County” 

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We’re in this together, and it’s still, “Not Me, Us.” 

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