Philly for Bernie Statement on Police Violence

thousands gather on JFK to demand accountability from our leadership

Philly4Bernie has spent the greater part of this last election cycle creating a basis for citizens to onboard themselves and take action politically in our city

We seek to bring together those who may be apprehensive or new to politics and seasoned organizers. We’ve come together to put our collective finger prints on Philadelphia’s sociopolitical stratosphere.

Our goal together as an organization is to build support in our communities in order to achieve the equality, liberty, and justice that we all deserve.

Deserving is a key word. We want everyone to understand we all are entitled to liberty, equality, to live a life free of fear, and full of opportunities.

As an organization we stand in solidarity with those who are making themselves heard. We stand in solidarity with Black lives Matter in achieving justice for Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Breonna Taylor who were tragically murdered as well as all black people who are regularly under immense pressure put upon them by systemic and systematic racism. We also understand that in addition to these issues there is weight brought on by the COVID-19 crisis and the financial crisis.

This moment requires many actions. While direct action is taking place on our streets we want to also ensure that everyone continues to put energy into organizing to continue to build power. We want to ensure that there is change that supports our communities on the back end of these demonstrations.

We were a group created to elect Bernie Sanders and in addition to the frame of his agenda we have requests of our Mayor, City Council, members of the state legislature and elected officials around the nation.

What can our leaders do to address these events:

  • Start a citizens action committee that has power to hold police accountable with recommendations for punitive actions in regards to how they perform their duties.
  • Commit to demilitarizing our police
  • Receive a statement from our city leaders that fully and flatly calls for justice and equality for the murders of unarmed black citizens Immediately pass HR 40 as a first step towards healing the country’s racial divide.
  • Guarantee a livable wage of at least $15/hour
  • Guarantee a fair wage scale commensurate with the cost of living
  • Guarantee a fair wage scale that ensures black men and women are paid an equal wage for equal work
  • Guarantee healthcare as a human right through a single payer system.
  • Take every single monument of problematic and racist idolatry down. Including in our city the statue of former Mayor Frank Rizzo
  • Provide free PUBLIC college and trade school opportunities for citizens.
  • Place a rent freeze and a rent cap on city rents as well as ensuring that affordable housing is available in every neighborhood in our city.

We stand today in Philadelphia as our nations poorest major city. Many of these material requests are long overdue. We hope that these things will partially assist in addressing the frustrations of our city.

Citizens of Philadelphia we have a request of you as well. Come aboard, join our email list, follow us on social media, and come to our monthly meetings. Help our organizing community demand these objectives for our sisters and brothers. It is a small token that we hope to assist with in pushing for the agenda of ensuring that our cities citizenry and our nation receives the equality, liberty, dignity, and respect that we all deserve and that too many have been kept from.

March Newsletter: It’s Still “Not Me, Us”

Dear Friends, 

Our lives have radically changed this week. While we now all face many uncertainties and while this crisis has changed our strategy and priorities, this campaign isn’t going anywhere. This week, Bernie laid out clearly the kinds of policies and mass state mobilization we need to tackle this pandemic. Check it out here

So, while we’re at home, let’s talk to our friends, family members, neighbors and let them know that in this time of crisis this campaign and movement are continuing to fight to put our health and safety first. Most of all, if you feel isolated, reach out. You can join our weekly check-in call, or get connected to the national campaign with a Volunteer Launch Call, and also check out some more resources below. 

Join a Peer Support Check-in Zoom Call

Every Wednesday at 7 pm 
Join Here
Meeting ID: 232 812 0591
Password: unity

While we’re all keeping physical distance from one another, we do not have to be alone. Philly for Bernie hosts group calls every Wednesday, as a time for people to get anxieties off their chests and provide mutual support. If you’re feeling isolated, join our call.

Join a Volunteer Launch Call

Thursdays at 7 pm 
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New to the campaign and want to get oriented? Join a weekly volunteer launch call. On these calls you will hear about key opportunities to get involved in the campaign’s digital organizing program in PA. 

Attend a Digital Organizing Party

Weeknights at 6 pm 
Weekends at 12, 3 and 6 pm 
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Want to start phone banking and talking to friends and family, but need some guidance? Digital organizing parties will get you oriented and trained on how to phonebank and have open, honest, and thorough conversations with our friends, family, and neighbors about the 2020 election, and the issues they care about the most.

Let Us Know How You’re Organizing in Response to COVID 19

In light of the COVID-19 crisis we have seen many from Philly for Bernie coordinate with those from other communities and mutual-aid societies to protect the most vulnerable. We’d love to hear your story. As a part of a video project to inspire and motivate others, we’re requesting a 30 second video on what you’re doing to organize and effect change in this time of need. When you are done send your video to John at

Get Connected with Mutual Aid and Other Resources

We’ve got to support each other at this time. Check out a list of Mutual Aid links as well as information and resources on schools, food, utilities, transportation, health and other volunteer opportunities on our website: “Resources for Philadephia and Beyond” and “Information for Citizens of Philadelphia County” 

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Also, check out our website!

We’re in this together, and it’s still, “Not Me, Us.” 

COVID-19 Resources for Philadelphia and Beyond

Friends and neighbors in Philadelphia and nationwide: we’ve compiled a list of resources for you to turn to during this unprecedented crisis. If you need something that hasn’t been listed here, please reach out! We’ll do our best to direct you to the right place or to help you ourselves.

Key Resources:

Here is a form for people to request help through Philly Mutual Aid.

Here is a Philly Facebook group for COVID19 response.

Here is a form to fill out if you can offer help to neighbors!

Philly Specific:

School District of Philadelphia (link to online learning tools and also a note that hard copies will be available at grab-and-go sites and Learning Guide Hotline)

Project Home and also their Hub of Hope (ways to donate supplies for those experiencing homelessness) 

Philabundance and their partner website AuntBertha (for both donating $ to help provide food and also for requesting food, respectively) – note, a lot of food banks are in short supply due to high demand and, as of March 17th, Philabundance is currently looking for volunteers

Schools and Recreation Centers Open for Free Meals for Youth (where parents can pick up food for their kids) – note, food is currently only being offered during WEEKDAYS

Petition by Philly Workers Dignity and Philly Socialist (petition advocating for workers rights during COVID-19) – there are other great GoFundMe’s being passed around (edited) 

National Resources: 

For Non-English Speakers

  • Esperanza Health Center: Esperanza Health Center, an organization that provides healthcare to the Latinx community in North Philadelphia, created a coronavirus information and resources page.
  • Greater Philadelphia Asian Social Service Center (GPASS): GPASS, a culturally diverse agency in North Philadelphia, can answer coronavirus-related questions by phone at 215-456-1662. Translators are available, including for residents who speak Chinese, Korean, and Spanish, weekdays from 8:30-5:30 p.m.
  • National Alliance for Hispanic Health: The National Alliance for Hispanic Health, a science-based and community-driven organization, has coronavirus information on their home page with updates and resources, including their helpline at 1-866-783-2645.
  • School District of Philadelphia: Philadelphia public schools will be closed from March 16-27. The school district translated this announcement in several different languages
  • SEAMAAC: Southeast Asian Mutual Assistance Associations Coalition (SEAMAAC), a South Philadelphia organization, serves immigrants, refugees, and other marginalized communities. SEAMAAC will have coronavirus information on their social media and website in Bhutanese, Chinese, Khmer, Lao, and Vietnamese.

Voter Services:

COVID-19 unemployment compensation guide:

Other Announcements:

  • Beginning at 12:01am Tuesday, March 17, Gov. Wolf has ordered a statewide shutdown. He said pharmacies, grocery stores, and gas stations should stay open.
  • Lancaster County senior centers will temporarily shut down Tuesday, March 17. Closings include: Lancaster Neighborhood Senior Center, Lancaster Rec Senior Center, Luis Muniz Marin Senior Center, Next Gen Senior Center, Columbia Senior Center, Elizabethtown Senior Center, Lititz Senior Center and Millersville Senior Center. Staff will remain in contact with participants to offer support. Frozen meals will be provided to those who have no other meal options available.
  • There are handwashing stations and porta-potties set up in Lancaster City at Binn’s Park, Musser Park, Penn Square, the library, Linear Park, Reservoir, Colliton Park (handwashing station only), Buchanan, Long’s Park, Brandon Park (porta-potty only), Sixth Ward Park (porta-potty only)

Updates on COVID-19 response in Pennsylvania

CDC’s information and guidelines

CDC’s FAQ (We highly recommend reading this! Did you know they advise against wearing face masks?)

Guide on speaking with children about COVID-19


Bernie Sanders declares victory in Iowa Caucuses after reports that his campaign raised $25 million in January

Bernie Wins Iowa

Thank you to the people of Iowa for the very strong victory they gave us at the Iowa caucuses on Monday night! Some 6,000 more Iowans came out on caucus night to support us than any other candidate.

With eight strong candidates competing, that is a decisive margin of victory. Watch Bernie declare victory, discuss his campaign and take questions from the press about the Iowa Caucus below.

This announcement follows a report that the campaign brought in $25 million in January, raising more in ONE month than any other Democratic candidate ever did in a whole quarter, due in no small part to the hard work of everyone here. The $25 million haul is more money than any other candidate raised in any full quarter during 2019. Read More Here

Now it is on to New Hampshire where thousands of volunteers are working so hard to bring us victory there on Tuesday. Chip in to our campaign to keep our movement going strong: DONATE HERE!

Big Endorsement from NNU and more Bernie News

Bernie won the endorsement of the largest nursing union in the country, National Nurses Union! TODAY the campaign is hosting a webinar for union workers who support Bernie. Please encourage people to attend!

Are you a union member who supports our campaign? We are launching our national organizing program to provide union members with the tools to organize their coworkers and community. RSVP for our Union Members for Bernie strategy webinar:

The Supreme Court hears a very important case today deciding the future of  DACA. There are numerous rallies, protests and events calling for solidarity to share.

Let’s focus on our strategy of phone banking, text banking, canvassing (even out of state!) and donating, to win!

Have a wonderful day. Solidarity! 

Thanks once more for everything you do! Let’s win this!!


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