Newsletter 6/8/2020

Dear Friends,

This past week has witnessed unprecedented uprisings across the nation. Philly for Bernie hopes everyone is  doing their best to stay safe in these times. Please take a look at our statement on police violence here

Philly for Bernie is now making the transition into an organization committed to fighting for the progressive goals pioneered by Bernie’s campaign. Our new situation leaves a lot to be decided about the future of our group. We invite everyone to join us in making those decisions at our next citywide meeting. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, join the 16 organizations in Philly in calling on City Council to pass a budget that reflects the true needs of working people in our city, “Revenue for a Just Recovery”. 

The “Revenue for A Just Recovery” Plan: Funding our Communities and City Services

During this time of crisis, the inequities in our nation have become more apparent than ever before. In our own city of Philadelphia, the pandemic has created a public health and fiscal crisis, which has disproportionately affected communities that have been historically underfunded and most impacted by austerity measures. 

The “Revenue for A Just Recovery” Plan is a proposal for progressive revenue options on the city, state, and federal level as well for the federal reserve. The goal of this plan is to shift the financial burden from the shoulders of working-class Philadelphians and small businesses to the people and institutions with the resources to fund Philadelphia communities. Suggested revenue options include fully ending the tax abatement, canceling cuts to the wage tax, closing the “Delaware loophole”, creating a People’s Bailout in Philadelphia, and using the Federal CARES Act to fund services in Black and Brown communities, among many other options. 

Click here to read more about “Revenue for A Just Recovery”.  

Show your support for the “Revenue for A Just Recovery” by giving public testimony during the FY2021 City Budget Hearings!

Last week marked the start of FY2021 City Budget Hearings. All hearings will be held until June 10th via Microsoft Teams. Tuesday, June 9th (3-5pm) is the last date for the public to provide testimony on any part of the revised City budget.  

For information on how to register to provide a public testimony, please call 215-686-3407, or send an email to by 3 p.m. on the day before that Council session and submit the following information:

  • Full name
  • Call-back telephone number where you can be reached
  • Identify the bill number or resolution number that will be addressed: 
  • Ordinance #200287 (Ordinance to adopt FY21 budget), and Resolution #200307 (Resolution to accept changes in FY20 and 21 budgets).
  • State whether your comments are for, or against, that particular bill or resolution. 

See the agenda for details

In Solidarity,
Philly for Bernie

May Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Philly for Bernie came together this weekend to discuss plans for moving our fight for a progressive Philadelphia forward. We were joined by Councilperson Helen Gym, PA State Congress candidates Rick Krajewski and Nikil Saval, PA Stands Up organizer Johnathan Smucker and March on Harrisburg organizer Michael Pollack. They answered questions on the future of progressive organizing in our city and state and called on members to continue the fight made possible by Bernie’s historic campaigns. Check out highlights from our meeting on our Facebook page.

There’s never been a better time to  fight to make Philly a true beacon for progressive politics. That’s why Philly for Bernie seeks to expand its organizing and networks across the city and state for the June 2 primary and beyond. Our interim steering committee (Ty Brown, Joanne Beer, Su Stout, John Zimmerman, Ron Joseph, Toni Dang, Jackrabbit Pollack) will guide us along until the June 2 primary, after which we’ll begin to discuss plans for a more permanent organizational structure. If you feel ready to take an active part, get in contact about joining our interim steering committee. In the meantime we’ll be holding a vote on formal endorsements as well as conducting GOTV phonebanking for progressive candidates, Bernie and his delegates. 

June 2nd Primary Get Out The Vote Phonebank Opportunities! 

We want to let people know they should still vote for Bernie and his delegates in the PA primary. Doing so will build support for Bernie’s platform and increase our influence at the convention. We also want to offer COVID19 support if needed, encourage people to apply for mail-in-ballots, and inform them about local progressive candidates like Rick Krajewski and Nikil Saval. 

Philly for Bernie will be phonebanking our own contact list from now until the June 2 primary. If you would like to help out, please join the slack ( channel #4-gotv-june2primary. Respond to this email with any questions.

Other organizations listed below are also doing GOTV phonebanking: 

Philly for Bernie Open Voting for Candidate Endorsements

Philly for Bernie’s interim steering committee will be conducting a formal endorsement process for the upcoming June 2 primary. From now through May 9, any candidates interested in receiving a P4B endorsement may submit already completed endorsement questionnaires they submitted to other groups. We’ll then send out an email blast covering all those seeking endorsement, including a list of recommended candidates. Following a 48 hour period of open voting, P4B’s formal endorsements will be announced on social media. Our endorsements will allow candidates’ use of the P4B logo, and P4B members will be encouraged to phonebank and volunteer for their campaigns.

Square Deal Podcast

Check out a great interview with P4B member Brad Wilhelm speaking on Medicare for All for our newest episode, “Silver Lining of the Pandemic?”, on Square Deal from P4B member Su Stout. Square Deal is a new podcast focused on pushing progressive ideas, and a platform for underrepresented voices providing much needed inspiration and maybe a bit of amusement in these trying times. Square Deal is available on Anchor, Spotify and other platforms. We encourage all those interested to pitch ideas or help produce episodes to producer Su Stout at

Peer Support Check-In Zoom Call

Join our Peer Support Check-In Zoom call every Wednesday at 6PM. The P4B family comes together weekly for a virtual, mutual-support call to check in, listen to each other, get on the soapbox, and back each other’s organizing during these challenging times! Reminders are sent out the day of on Facebook and Slack. Register in advance for this meeting here:

Also, we still have Philly for Bernie T-Shirts and Merch. Get ‘em here!

This fight is just beginning, 

In Solidarity, 

Philly for Bernie

Late March Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

We hope you’re all keeping in touch with loved ones and reaching out and checking City, National and Mutual Aid resources if you need help. 

More than ever, the campaign is relying on us to organize the people we know. We’re the best ones to convince our own friends and family members, making sure they commit to vote for Bernie, apply for mail-in-ballots and volunteer from home if they can. 

Also, Pennsylvania’s primary election has now been moved to June 2, so everyone who can should register to vote (if you haven’t already) and apply for a mail-in ballot. Check below for more information.

If you missed our last newsletter and you’re new to things, check out the campaign’s Digital Organizing Parties and Volunteer Launch Calls. Below are a few more opportunities to connect with the campaign and your neighbors from the comfort of your own home. 

Also, check out this video of Bernie’s stand against hardline GOP Senators who threatened to delay the stimulus bill because of its expansion of Unemployment Insurance. It’s just another example of why Bernie is the only candidate we can trust to fight for us. 

PA Primary Moved to June 2! 

Pennsylvania has moved it’s primary back to June 2. So, for your own safety and that of others, the campaign wants everyone to apply for a mail-in ballot. Registering to vote and applying for a mail-in ballot can easily be done online, and takes a couple of minutes at most. 

As long as you register to vote first, you do not need to provide a reason when applying for a mail-in ballot. Check for more information. 

If you register to vote online, you can also apply on the same form to automatically receive mail-in ballots for the rest of the year.

The deadline for registering to vote is May 18. Register to vote here. 

The deadline for applying for a mail-in ballot is Tuesday May 26 at 5pm. Mail-in ballots must be received by June 2 at 8pm. Apply for a mail-in ballot here. 

*Please note, the pages for registration and mail-in ballot on the PA Voter services website may not have been updated yet and may still indicate April 28 as the PA primary date. This is incorrect. The new date for the PA primary is June 2. 

Join The Campaign for a Teach-In Session

Reading the news right now can get overwhelming. That’s why the campaign has started its own Teach-In Sessions to get you oriented on everything that is happening right now and the campaign’s plan for the kind of mass state mobilization that we need to get out of this crisis. Check ‘em out. 

Mondays 8:00-9:00 pm, Winning Racial Justice in a Time of Crisis

Wednesdays 8:00-9:00 pm, Winning Public Health: Organizing for Health Justice in Times of Crisis

Thursdays 7:00-8:00 pm, Winning Worker Rights: Organizing for Worker Justice in Times of Crisis

Fridays  7:00-8:00 pm, Bernie 2020: Where do we go from here? Teach-In on Coronavirus and the Social Safety Net

Fridays 8:00-9:00 pm, Winning Corporate Accountability: Organizing for Economic Democracy in Times of Crisis

Saturday, 2:00-3:00pm, “China Virus”: A History of Racialization of Pandemics

Sunday at 2:00-3:00pm Immigration in the time of Coronavirus

Phonebank to ID Volunteers 

While the campaign is putting increased stress on relational organizing, we need to continue to check in with people to see how they’re doing with things, let them know about important changes to primary dates and, when possible, encourage supporters to apply for and send in their mail-in ballots for Bernie ASAP. We also need to ID volunteers, so they can organize their own friends and family to support Bernie. 

You can start making calls now, sign up for a virtual phonebank party or sign up for a shift later

Remember, if you still need some guidance, don’t hesitate to sign up for a Volunteer Launch Call or a Digital Organizing Party, where you can get trained on the dialer and make calls while staying connected with other volunteers over a Zoom conference call. 

Become a Bernie Victory Captain in Your Community

Bernie Victory Captains anchor the Bernie 2020 campaign. They are top tier volunteers who host strategic, weekly events to talk to voters and organize in their communities to take Bernie to the White House! If you are interested in becoming a Victory Captain, please fill out this interest form

If you still need some more experience or guidance sign up for one of the campaign’s Volunteer Launch Calls or Digital Organizing Parties

Let Us Know How You’re Organizing in Response to COVID 19

In light of the COVID-19 crisis we have seen many from Philly for Bernie coordinate with those from other communities and mutual-aid societies to protect the most vulnerable. We’d love to hear your story. As a part of a video project to inspire and motivate others, we’re requesting a 30 second video on what you’re doing to organize and effect change in this time of need. Send your video to John at

Join a Peer Support Check-in Zoom Call

Every Wednesday at 7 pm 

While we’re all keeping physical distance from one another, we do not have to be alone. Philly for Bernie hosts group calls every Wednesday, as a time for people to get anxieties off their chests and provide mutual support. If you’re feeling isolated, join our call. 

Check our Facebook page or join our Slack page for weekly sign-in info. 


Wish you had gotten a Philly for Bernie T Shirt before this all went down? You still can! We’ve got a bunch leftover and would be willing to do a contactless delivery to your door. We have available four graphics, as shown above. 

Fill out this form with your contact info along with the graphic, size and color you’d like. Once we get your info, we’ll be in contact to figure out the best time for a delivery. 

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Also, check out our website!

2/25 Newsletter: Let’s Keep Pushing for South Carolina and Super Tuesday!

Bernie Wins Nevada

No one can deny it anymore, Bernie is the leading candidate. We’ve won every primary thus far: Iowa, New Hampshire, and as of yesterday, Nevada by 47%. This makes Bernie the first candidate in US history to win the popular vote in the first three primary states. It didn’t happen because of billionaire donors or establishment politicians, it happened because of the efforts of working people like us. But, the elites of this country will stop at nothing to drag us down, so we’ve got to keep up the pressure. The South Carolina primary is this Saturday, February 29, and Super Tuesday is March 3, less than two weeks away! So, let’s all chip in, and continue phone banking, taking Bernie Journeys, and donating to the campaign. To start things off we’ve got some great events happening this week!
Debate Watch Party at Underground Arts TONIGHT (Free!)
Tuesday, February 25
7 pm – 12 pm
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
RSVP: Facebook | Eventbrite
Join Philly for Bernie, along with Philly DSA, Socialist Alternative and Sunrise Movement Philly for the tenth Democratic presidential primary debate, live from Charleston, South Carolina. Come and enjoy Bernie drink specials–$1 from each drink goes directly to the campaign–and a vegan menu from chef Jennifer Zavala (tamales!). T-shirts, buttons and Bernie merchandise will also be available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds from merch will go directly to the campaign. Also, bring a plain, light-colored t-shirt for on-site silk screening ($5 donation suggested)!

Super Tuesday MEGA Street Canvass
Tuesday, March 3
4 pm – 6 pm
City Hall
1 S. Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19102
RSVP: Facebook
While we should continue doing what we can to help Bernie win in other primary states, Super Tuesday will be a yuge opportunity to get out and show support for Bernie in our own city! Let’s take the biggest primary day and make it an opportunity to make visible support for Bernie in Philly and help to kick off organizing efforts in preparation for Pennsylvania’s primary on April 28th.  We’ll meet up at City Hall, have a quick briefing, then split up and head out across the city for an afternoon of street canvassing/tabling, signing up volunteers, and making noise, showing this country the kind of support we know this city holds for Bernie. Join us!
Bernie Block Captain Program 
Our efforts to build support for Bernie are made easier when we’re talking to our own neighbors. That’s why Philly for Bernie is starting its own Block Captain Program as a way to make sure we’re all building support and canvassing for Bernie with the people who live on our own street. 
Interested in being a Bernie Block Captain? Sign up here! 
After signing up and verifying your address, we’ll send you a sticker to put on your window to let your neighbors know you are a trusted resource on Bernie. We’ll send you a few emails per month in the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary in April. When Bernie wins the nomination, we’ll continue regular contact and check on your progress on canvassing your block. Starting in September, we’ll begin weekly emails. 
We’ll be here to provide canvassing literature and to answer any questions you have about Bernie and his policies and will help guide you through speaking on any topics you are unsure about. 

2020 Progressive Summit

Friday, March 6, 5pm to
Saturday, March 7, 5pm
Marriot Downtown Philadelphia
1200 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
RSVP: Eventbrite

Keystone Progress will be holding its annual Progressive Summit on March 6-7. This year’s summit will be the official start of a new organization, PA Stands Up, made up of several local groups throughout the state, including Reclaim Philadelphia, with the goal of fighting for progressive political change in PA.

This Summit is a great opportunity to connect with local progressives, and show that Bernie the candidate to fight for the policies we need in Pennsylvania and the country as a whole.

Reserve your tickets here!

Keep Phonebanking!

Phonebanking has been a huge part of our victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. By calling into primary states, identifying supporters and talking about why we support Bernie, we are performing an essential task for volunteers on the ground. This month, the campaign has a goal of 15 million calls before Super Tuesday. We’ve still got a good way to go before we reach that goal, so, let’s hit those phones!
If you’ve never phone banked before, don’t worry. You aren’t alone and it’s not as hard as it might seem. The campaign is here to help you. Sign up for an online training and join the Bernie Call Team Slack. It’s often easier making calls with other people, and Phonebank Parties are the perfect way to do that!
So head over to and:

The campaign’s BERN app is an important tool that allows you to talk with friends, family, and perfect strangers and log their level of support for Bernie! This will help the campaign ID Bernie supporters in each state and the issues they care about. The app will also provide supporters with essential information including polling locations!

This month the campaign has a goal of 1 million new entries into the BERN app. Adding friends is easy, and the campaign uses only publicly available voter data. So get out, have a conversation with a friend, family member, or stranger, and add ‘em to the app!

Download the BERN app here!

Knock Down Philly
The best way to convince folks is to talk to them directly. Philly DSA has been doing amazing work training and running canvasses. If you want to knock doors and speak directly to Philadelphians please join these upcoming canvasses.

Northwest Philly Canvass
Tuesday, February 25
6 pm – 8:30 pm

Fishtown Canvass
Thursday, February 27
6 pm – 8:30 pm

South Philly Canvass
Sunday, March 1
12 pm – 3:30 pm

Join Us on Social Media

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Onward to South Carolina and Super Tuesday!

In Solidarity,
Philly for Bernie

Mid-February Newsletter

Dear Friends, 

After our victories in Iowa and New Hampshire we need to continue doing all we can to  rack up delegates for Bernie and make his nomination uncontestable. So let’s continue phonebanking into South Carolina, Nevada and Super Tuesday states, making Bernie Journeys and donations to the campaign and talking to our friends and family about why we support Bernie. We’ve got a couple events planned for the coming week. Check ‘em out below! 

South Carolina Bernie Journey 

We’re inviting those who can to join an independently organized Bernie Journey this weekend to conduct door-to-door canvassing in South Carolina. Having face-to-face conversations is the most effective way to convince voters in upcoming primary states to support Bernie. All housing and transportation costs are covered, so this is a great opportunity to build support for Bernie and win SC on January 31! Space is limited, so sign up ASAP! 

Pickup Date/Time:

Friday, February 21 @ 11:30 am

Dropoff Date/Time:

Sunday, February 23 @ approx 11:00 pm

Pickup / Dropoff Location:

2401-2499 Aramingo Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Sign up here:

Please direct all questions to:

732-789-9732 (call or text)

Philly for Bernie Local/Regional Meetups

Monday, February 24

6:30pm – 9pm

Locations TBD

Join Philly for Bernie for our regional meetups this coming Monday in your area! We’ll be coming together to build support for Bernie in our respective neighborhoods to discuss building support for Bernie in Philly and other primary states over the coming month. 

Can’t make it to the meetup? Join us for our citywide conference call starting at 8:30pm following regional meetups. 

Check, or the Philly for Bernie citywide local facebook pages for more details on locations for meetups soon! 

Join Us on Social Media

Join us on slack here!: 


Philly for Bernie 2020


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So far, we’ve shown what a grassroots movement can achieve in the face of attacks from the billionaire class. Let’s keep that up and push onward to South Carolina, Nevada and Super Tuesday!

1/24 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

With the Iowa Caucus less than two weeks away, the campaign continues to build momentum. A CNN Poll released this week shows Bernie in the lead over Biden. Endorsements continue to come in, including Tuesday’s endorsement from the University Professional and Technical Employees Union, the country’s largest chapter of the Communication Workers of America, representing over 17,000 employees across the University of California system. On Monday, Rep. Pramila Jayapal of Washington, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, announced her endorsement at a rally in Des Moines, following last week’s endorsements from the Nevada County Black Caucus and Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin.

Here in Philly, the campaign had a great turnout Monday night at its Bernie on the Ballot Barnstorm at the Ethical Society, with attendees setting up 22 canvassing events to collect signatures to get Bernie and his delegates on the ballot in PA. Despite our state’s somewhat onerous requirements for getting on the ballot, the turnout on Monday and follow up Barnstorm planned for this Sunday at U Penn sets us off to a great start, but we need your help!

Whatever pundits or establishment politicians say we know that ours is a unity candidate, because the things this campaign fights for brings together millions of people under a common interest, to make this country work for us, not the billionaires. So let’s take the few days we have left till the Iowa Caucus, focus our energies, and win this for Bernie.

Get Bernie on the Ballot in PA!

Bernie on the Ballot Barnstorm at U Penn
Sunday, January 26
6pm – 8pm
Houston Hall – Bodek Lounge
3417 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Want to make sure Bernie and his delegates appear on the Pennsylvania primary ballot on April 28? Join us at the campaign’s Bernie on the Ballot Barnstorm on Sunday to learn about the requirements for collecting signatures to get Bernie and his delegates on the ballot in PA. The campaign will also be setting up Bernie on the Ballot signature collection canvasses. Getting these signatures is a non-negotiable part of the election process, so it’s crucial that we put in the effort here in PA to make sure it happens!

To make sure this happens, the campaign has set a goal of 4,000 signatures for Bernie state-wide, twice the required number, and at least 400 for each delegate, up from the required 250. Some signatures may be invalidated, that’s why the campaign isn’t taking any chances and has set its goal significantly above the required minimum.

Signature collections begin on January 28 and end on February 14, so we have less than three weeks to do this.

So, let’s ensure we can vote for our candidate and his delegates on April 28. Come out to the Barnstorm on Sunday and check out upcoming Bernie on the Ballot canvassing events starting Tuesday, January 28!

Regional Meetups + Citywide Conference Call

Monday, January 27
6:30pm – 9pm

Join Philly for Bernie for our regional meetups this coming Monday in your area! We’ll be coming together to build support for Bernie in our respective neighborhoods, with a special focus on coordinating actions for Bernie on the Ballot canvasses.

Can’t make it to the meetup? Join us for our citywide conference call here starting at 8:30pm following regional meetups.

West Philly
Gojjo Ethipoian Bar and Restaurant
4540 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19103

South Philly
Bonnie’s Capistrano Bar
1503 S 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Stay tuned for locations of other regional meetups and join your local Philly for Bernie facebook group (see bottom of newsletter) for updates! 


Phonebanking is the number one activity we can participate in here in PA to help Bernie win Iowa and the other early primary states. By calling in and identifying Bernie supporters we are providing an essential service to on-the-ground volunteers in these states. Winning the early primaries will give the campaign the momentum it needs to carry these victories through to California and other Super Tuesday States on March 3 and Pennsylvania on April 28. 

Volunteer phonebankers broke through the campaign’s original goal of 5 million calls before the Iowa caucus. Now, we’ve got a new goal:10 million calls before February 3. So far, we’ve made over 6 million! But we can’t let up now, let’s get all hands-on-deck and hit that 10 million mark!

If you’ve never phonebanked before, don’t worry, you aren’t alone and it’s not as hard as it might seem. The campaign is here to help you. Sign up for an online training and join the Bernie Call Team Slack. It’s often easier making calls with other people, and Phonebank Parties are the perfect way to do that!

So head over to and:

You can also volunteer to send text messages with the campaign’s easy-to-use mass text platform. After a brief online training, you can join the campaign’s texting team Slack channel and receive texting assignments. 

Reclaim Presidential Endorsement Voting Still Open!   

There’s still time for vote for Reclaim Philadelphia’s presidential candidate endorsement. Voting ends right before midnight on Saturday, January 25, so get your vote in and win the endorsement for Bernie! To vote you must be a Reclaim member. All that is required for membership to Reclaim is a recurring $5 monthly contribution. Once you are a member you will be able to vote online!

Bernie Delegate Application

Time is running out to apply to be a delegate for Bernie, so if you want to apply, get it done ASAP! To apply to be a delegate for Bernie in PA, the first steps are to fill out the forms on the campaign’s website and at PA Dems. The deadline to apply to become a delegate in PA is January 27, 2020. 

We have a Philly for Bernie working group for delegates. If you are applying to be a Bernie delegate, get in touch with us at, or join the Slack channel #0-wg-delegates, and we can connect you with informational materials and support you in petition signature gathering and fundraising. 

Bernie Craft Night 

Saturday, January 25 
Houston Hall 
3417 Spruce St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Join us for a night of Bernie swag production! We’ll be making and making pin, sings, cards, etc. in preparation for future events. Pizza included!

Philly for Bernie Fundraiser 
+ Last Day to Order Philly for Bernie T-Shirts!

Friday, January 31
Doors open 6pm 
Field House 
1150 Filbert St 
Philadelphia, PA 19107

This will be a festive and productive evening of art, music, and politics! We have put together a unique lineup including musical acts, improv, comedy, burlesque, belly dancing, poetry and literature readings, political speakers, visual arts and crafts, digital Bernie photo booth, and more! 

We are still recruiting artists and speakers for this event. We are also looking for volunteers to help out with set up / clean up, check in table at the entrance, voter registration table, Bernie delegate petition signing table, merch sales, video slideshow, distributing flyers, etc. so please let us know if you would like to help out! Volunteers get a free drink ticket. Email us at if you’d like to get involved.

In the meantime, pre-order a Philly for Bernie t-shirt  here. TODAY is the last day to order to pick up at the fundraiser. We will have a limited number of additional shirts.

Take a Bernie Journey!

Phonebanking into early primary states is hugely important, but if you can, traveling to an early primary state and having face-to-face conversations is the most effective way to convince voters to support Bernie. The campaign is looking to bring 3,000 volunteers to canvass in Iowa by Feburary 3, so let’s do our part to help reach that goal! 

To get started planning your Bernie Journey, check out the campaign’s guide to traveling to an early primary state to canvass here

Or, check out one of the campaign’s upcoming webinars here

DSA Canvassing 

The Philadelphia chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has been holding some great canvasses these past months with yuge turnouts. Door-to-door canvassing is the most effective way to build support for Bernie here in Philly. We encourage anyone who is able to attend a DSA Canvass. They are regularly scheduled throughout the week. Check for more info!


The campaign runs off of the small donations of working people like us. Even if you can only afford to donate a few dollars, it makes a difference, and it makes possible the groundwork being done in Iowa and other early primary states. 

So head over to and chip in today! 

Join us on social media:

Philly for Bernie 2020 (Citywide)
South Philly for Bernie
North Philly for Bernie 
Northeast Philly for Bernie
Northwest Philly for Bernie
West Philly for Bernie

Twitter: Philly for Bernie

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Also, check out our website!

We’re almost there! Let’s keep pushing and win Iowa!

In Solidarity,
Philly for Bernie