Bernie wins another 11 delegates, breaks fundraising records and is poised for success as we go into Super Tuesday.

Bernie won another 11 delegates yesterday, bringing his total to 56. Although the campaign did not expect to win the state, it was pleased with the results, which still have Bernie leading as we go into Super Tuesday. Once again, this is all thanks to you.

Bernie was interviewed on Face The Nation this morning and discussed Super Tuesday, campaign finance, coronavirus, and AIPAC.

Transcript: Bernie Sanders on “Face the Nation,” March 1, 2020

Bernie is viewed by some as holding the advantage for this week’s contests, with strong polling numbers for delegate-rich California and Texas, where his support from Latinx voters is strong.

Bernie Sanders leads in Texas, a pivotal Super Tuesday primary, NBC/Marist poll says

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The campaign broke fundraising records again in February, raking in a staggering $46 million.

A President Who Doesn’t Need to Beg the Powerful for Money’: Sanders Campaign Raises Record $46 Million in February

Ten thousand Berners turned out for a Bernie rally in Elizabeth Warren’s state of Massachusetts, where he’s expected to make a strong primary showing (the campaign estimate is 13,000).

More than 10K turn out for Bernie Sanders rally in Elizabeth Warren’s backyard

Bernie appeared on ABC This Week and refuted George Snuffleupagus’s accusation that he has a “problem” with Black voters. We have a video of the incident.

ABC This Week | 1-on-1 with Sen. Bernie Sanders

CNN Host Michael Smerconish Rebuked for Comparing Sanders Surge to Spread of Coronavirus


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Key Missteps at the CDC Have Set Back Its Ability to Detect the Potential Spread of Coronavirus

First US Coronavirus Death Near Canada, But Trump Confirms Closing Mexico Border Under Consideration

As Trump Cries ‘Hoax,’ Nurses in California Warn Quarantines of 124 Health Workers Show US Hospitals Remain Unprepared for Coronavirus



Bernie’s historic wins in the first 3 states has him poised to expand his lead on Super Tuesday. The establishment is shaking in its boots.

But we know that no matter what happens, the media will spin this, and the establishment will continue to throw roadblocks in Bernie’s way. Momentum in other states is critical, but visibility on the streets of Philadelphia can only come from our grassroots movement: no one can spread the word like we can.

We’ll meet at City Hall at 4PM this Tuesday, March 3rd, for a huddle and training, and then disperse in teams, set up tabling “hubs” throughout the city: waving signs, talking to voters, signing up volunteers, and showing Philly that support for Bernie is STRONG. Bernie must be Philly’s candidate!

  • 4:00PM — Huddle and training at City Hall
  • 4:30-4:45PM — Split into teams (most people will leave City Hall)
  • 5:00PM — Set up tabling hubs and begin canvassing!

Tabling Hub Locations

  • Meet us here if you can’t make it to City Hall!
  • Broad & Cecil B Moore
  • Broad & Passyunk
  • 30th & Market (30th St. Sta)
  • 18th & Walnut (Rittenhouse)
  • 15th & Market (City Hall)

What to Bring

  • Bernie gear, signs, flags
  • If you’ve got a clipboard, bring it along
  • If you’ve got a light folding/camping table, let us know — it could be helpful!

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