Big Endorsement from NNU and more Bernie News

Bernie won the endorsement of the largest nursing union in the country, National Nurses Union! TODAY the campaign is hosting a webinar for union workers who support Bernie. Please encourage people to attend!

Are you a union member who supports our campaign? We are launching our national organizing program to provide union members with the tools to organize their coworkers and community. RSVP for our Union Members for Bernie strategy webinar:

The Supreme Court hears a very important case today deciding the future of  DACA. There are numerous rallies, protests and events calling for solidarity to share.

Let’s focus on our strategy of phone banking, text banking, canvassing (even out of state!) and donating, to win!

Have a wonderful day. Solidarity! 

Thanks once more for everything you do! Let’s win this!!


Major Nurses’ Union Backs Bernie Sanders and His Push for ‘Medicare for All’

Citing Deep Commitment to Medicare for All and Green New Deal, Nation’s Largest Nurses Union Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Sanders ‘very concerned about what appears to be a coup’ in Bolivia

A Billionaire’s Spouse Donated To Bernie Sanders. He’s Returning The Check.

How to Fight Antisemitism (by Bernie Sanders)

Bernie Sanders’ Oped Settles It: You Can Be Both Progressive And Zionist

Bernie Sanders Has More Diverse Support Than You Think

Editorial counterpoint: Actually, single-payer Medicare for All IS the only answer

Bernie Sanders holds veterans town hall in Des Moines


The Democrats Are Moving Left. Will America Follow? 32 journalists, wonks, activists and politicians on the party’s dramatic turn — and what it means for 2020

Millions in U.S. Lost Someone Who Couldn’t Afford Treatment

The Supreme Court will hear my case today. Trump will not win on DACA.


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Big Victories for Progressives Nationally! Kendra has a Chance to Change Philly Politics.

Kendra Brooks wins a seat on Philly city council

There’s an embarrassment of riches in today’s news.

First, several great victories last night Working Families Party candidate Kendra Brooks has won herself a seat on the Philadelphia City Council. This has huge implications for the Left and is national news.

Kentucky Governors race, Virginia state house and senate, ranked choice voting in NYC. There are a couple of races still up in the air (SF District Attorney, Seattle City Council seats, etc) but by and large, it was a night to feel pretty good about.

There’s several positive articles about Bernie. There’s news about a Weather Channel special tomorrow on climate change and the 2020 race, and there’s polling news to review as well.

We’re coming up on a weekend of Bernie appearances in Iowa with AOC including the Climate Crisis Summit, and a couple of rallies.

Also… it’s 2 weeks out to the next Democratic debate!  So don’t lose sight of that.  People are encouraged to set up and/or attend debate watch parties, and is ready to list them.

Make it a great day. Thanks for all you do to support Bernie and the political revolution. 


Phonebank! Making calls to voters is the single most important thing you can do to help our campaign. 
Find an event to attend:




Other stuff you can do . . .
Use the BERN app online
Download the BERN app from Apple
Download the BERN app from GooglePlay
Encourage people to step away from their keyboards and get out into their communities.
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Minneapolis Rally, November debate, and today’s Bernie News.

Yesterday’s Minneapolis Rally was YUGE and inspirational, Bernie is distinguishing his Medicare For All funding plan from Warren’s, and three sets of Polls were released yesterday exactly one year before the 2020 election. deep breath ARE YOU READY?!

MSNBC announced the November 20th debate will take place in at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta. Nine candidates have qualified so far. For the first time ever, an all-women panel will moderate, with Rachel Maddow,  Andrea Mitchell, Kristen Welker, and WaPo’s Ashley Parker.

Let’s focus on phone banking, events and donations!Thank you, thank you, thank you for your hard work in support of this campaign. Have a great week! 

Sanders criticizes Warren’s health care plan: ‘I think we have a better way’

Bernie Sanders calls his plan to fund Medicare for All ‘far more’ progressive than Elizabeth Warren’s

Sanders, Warren seek to clarify their differences as the fight for Democratic left intensifies

Scrutiny Grows Over Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All Plan

One Year From Election, Trump Trails Biden but Leads Warren in Battlegrounds

Elizabeth Warren is a friend to capitalists, at least those who see revolution coming

Sen. Bernie Sanders brings his economic populism message to Minneapolis

Sanders holds rally with Omar in Minneapolis

Sanders, Omar push ‘working class’ politics at Minneapolis rally

Bernie Sanders aims to be ‘the climate candidate’ in Iowa caucus

Polls: Biden, Warren and Sanders lead Democrats

Marylanders Supporting Sanders Issue Statement Making Their Case

MSNBC announces Tyler Perry Studios as site for November debate

Politics Nation: Bernie Sanders Rises in Polls, Connects with Black Voters

Bernie Sanders mounts show of force, becomes more personal in appeal on campaign trail

Rising: 73% of young voters back Bernie Sanders in Michigan