2/25 Newsletter: Let’s Keep Pushing for South Carolina and Super Tuesday!

No one can deny it anymore, Bernie is the leading candidate. We’ve won every primary thus far: Iowa, New Hampshire, and as of yesterday, Nevada by 47%. This makes Bernie the first candidate in US history to win the popular vote in the first three primary states. It didn’t happen because of billionaire donors or establishment politicians, it happened because of the efforts of working people like us. But, the elites of this country will stop at nothing to drag us down, so we’ve got to keep up the pressure. The South Carolina primary is this Saturday, February 29, and Super Tuesday is March 3, less than two weeks away! So, let’s all chip in, and continue phone banking, taking Bernie Journeys, and donating to the campaign. To start things off we’ve got some great events happening this week!
Debate Watch Party at Underground Arts TONIGHT (Free!)
Tuesday, February 25
7 pm – 12 pm
Underground Arts
1200 Callowhill St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
RSVP: Facebook | Eventbrite
Join Philly for Bernie, along with Philly DSA, Socialist Alternative and Sunrise Movement Philly for the tenth Democratic presidential primary debate, live from Charleston, South Carolina. Come and enjoy Bernie drink specials–$1 from each drink goes directly to the campaign–and a vegan menu from chef Jennifer Zavala (tamales!). T-shirts, buttons and Bernie merchandise will also be available for purchase. A portion of the proceeds from merch will go directly to the campaign. Also, bring a plain, light-colored t-shirt for on-site silk screening ($5 donation suggested)!

Super Tuesday MEGA Street Canvass
Tuesday, March 3
4 pm – 6 pm
City Hall
1 S. Penn Square
Philadelphia, PA 19102
RSVP: Facebook
While we should continue doing what we can to help Bernie win in other primary states, Super Tuesday will be a yuge opportunity to get out and show support for Bernie in our own city! Let’s take the biggest primary day and make it an opportunity to make visible support for Bernie in Philly and help to kick off organizing efforts in preparation for Pennsylvania’s primary on April 28th.  We’ll meet up at City Hall, have a quick briefing, then split up and head out across the city for an afternoon of street canvassing/tabling, signing up volunteers, and making noise, showing this country the kind of support we know this city holds for Bernie. Join us!
Bernie Block Captain Program 
Our efforts to build support for Bernie are made easier when we’re talking to our own neighbors. That’s why Philly for Bernie is starting its own Block Captain Program as a way to make sure we’re all building support and canvassing for Bernie with the people who live on our own street. 
Interested in being a Bernie Block Captain? Sign up here! 
After signing up and verifying your address, we’ll send you a sticker to put on your window to let your neighbors know you are a trusted resource on Bernie. We’ll send you a few emails per month in the run-up to the Pennsylvania primary in April. When Bernie wins the nomination, we’ll continue regular contact and check on your progress on canvassing your block. Starting in September, we’ll begin weekly emails. 
We’ll be here to provide canvassing literature and to answer any questions you have about Bernie and his policies and will help guide you through speaking on any topics you are unsure about. 

2020 Progressive Summit

Friday, March 6, 5pm to
Saturday, March 7, 5pm
Marriot Downtown Philadelphia
1200 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
RSVP: Eventbrite

Keystone Progress will be holding its annual Progressive Summit on March 6-7. This year’s summit will be the official start of a new organization, PA Stands Up, made up of several local groups throughout the state, including Reclaim Philadelphia, with the goal of fighting for progressive political change in PA.

This Summit is a great opportunity to connect with local progressives, and show that Bernie the candidate to fight for the policies we need in Pennsylvania and the country as a whole.

Reserve your tickets here!

Keep Phonebanking!

Phonebanking has been a huge part of our victories in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. By calling into primary states, identifying supporters and talking about why we support Bernie, we are performing an essential task for volunteers on the ground. This month, the campaign has a goal of 15 million calls before Super Tuesday. We’ve still got a good way to go before we reach that goal, so, let’s hit those phones!
If you’ve never phone banked before, don’t worry. You aren’t alone and it’s not as hard as it might seem. The campaign is here to help you. Sign up for an online training and join the Bernie Call Team Slack. It’s often easier making calls with other people, and Phonebank Parties are the perfect way to do that!
So head over to berniesanders.com and:

The campaign’s BERN app is an important tool that allows you to talk with friends, family, and perfect strangers and log their level of support for Bernie! This will help the campaign ID Bernie supporters in each state and the issues they care about. The app will also provide supporters with essential information including polling locations!

This month the campaign has a goal of 1 million new entries into the BERN app. Adding friends is easy, and the campaign uses only publicly available voter data. So get out, have a conversation with a friend, family member, or stranger, and add ‘em to the app!

Download the BERN app here!

Knock Down Philly
The best way to convince folks is to talk to them directly. Philly DSA has been doing amazing work training and running canvasses. If you want to knock doors and speak directly to Philadelphians please join these upcoming canvasses.

Northwest Philly Canvass
Tuesday, February 25
6 pm – 8:30 pm

Fishtown Canvass
Thursday, February 27
6 pm – 8:30 pm

South Philly Canvass
Sunday, March 1
12 pm – 3:30 pm

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Onward to South Carolina and Super Tuesday!

In Solidarity,
Philly for Bernie

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